Being involved with Changing Relations allows me to work directly with people on gender equality issues and to help contribute towards changing how people behave - I always learn a lot from working with Changing Relations and it is incredibly motivating.

Dr Stephen Burrell, Steering Group Co-Chair

As a social enterprise, Changing Relations' purpose is to respond to the needs of the community and achieve social impact. Our Managing Director and two Non-Executive Directors govern equally. Sharing expertise and supporting one another to implement our mission.

The Directors are further supported by a Steering Group, whose role is to keep them in touch with community needs and concerns. As a Community Interest Company, we want the wider community to have a say in the issues we address, and the way we approach them, and so have built community listening processes into our decision.

Executive Director

Steering Group

Our Steering Group is designed to include those affected by the issues we address and to represent a diverse voice, including young people. Meetings are supported by our Co-Chairs, who will feed community views into the Board & support members to share their ideas & speak up.

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