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Visual and clever representation, an innovative way to communicate and resonate with people.

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As a social enterprise, our purpose is to respond to the needs of the community and achieve social impact. We are passionate about our work, breaking down gender barriers and fostering healthy relationships. Unlike many other education and training providers, we use the arts to communicate and engage with our audiences, which results in a lasting change of perceptions and, ultimately, affects people’s lives.

We do this by:

  1. Identifying a specific area of need among the themes we work to address. This could be a gap in confidence or understanding identified through our work with young people, communities, teachers or other professionals. It could be a topic our audiences and participants tell us they want the chance to engage in.
  2. Devising a participatory process that gives voice to those affected by the issue we are addressing, selecting the artistic medium best-suited to deliver our transformative message and building the right team to create the impact we seek.
  3. Producing an artistic work (which could be a film, book, animation or exhibition), gathering audience and participant feedback along the way, to ensure our output is impactful and accessible.
  4. Trialling the artistic output as the stimulus for a training or educational programme, again gathering feedback to refine the innovative learning methods we will go on to offer to schools, businesses and communities.
  5. Producing resources to support our bid to challenge thinking and change lives (from books to posters, teacher toolkits and workplace e-learning), all of which are rooted in the original artwork which is our core tool for engagement in the difficult and overlooked issues we address.

To understand more about our participatory approach to using the arts and working with artists, you are welcome to read our Artistic Policy.

Line Long

Here you can discover more about the innovative arts-based projects behind our training, resources and awareness-raising work.