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I feel so much more comfortable being me.

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Who Wears the Trousers?

WHO WEARS THE TROUSERS? is a new participatory arts project that aims to develop a greater understanding and awareness of gender and identity, drawing from our 2019 exhibition Stepping Out of The Box 

We are working in partnership with Durham University and the college of St Hild & St Bede to engage students with art activities via post and practical and meaningful workshops with a focus on:

  • understanding the differences of sex, gender and sexuality, and
  • using creative methods to challenge thinking around gender roles and stereotypes and related ideas around leadership

We will explore how perceived attitudes and personal experiences of gendered behaviour, group behaviour and peer pressure could negatively impact individual wellbeing and future aspiration.

The project aims to open up possibilities for personal and social change within both the college and the wider community. College Principal, Simon Forrest, hopes the project will encourage students to explore questioning in a discursive way that gives voice to students and their personal experiences”.

We are delighted to be working with combined artist Rupert Philbrick and animator Sheryl Jenkins to commission a film as part of a body of new creative artworks reflecting students’ perceptions of how things are, how they’d like them to be and how to get there. We hope to share WHO WEARS THE TROUSERS? content as part of Durham Summer in the City festival 2021.


Signing Up

For students interested in signing up to receive a FREE art pack, please Sign Up here or contact the college coordinator at charles.w.walker@durham.ac.uk  directly before Friday February 26th.