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Thinking about relationship behaviours includes more tricky topics such as domestic abuse and sexting risks as well as exploring the building blocks of healthy relationships. Each resource we produce takes a specific focus to help you navigate the topic.

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Domestic Abuse Awareness

Since 2014, we have been developing creative resources that raise awareness of domestic abuse for workplaces, schools and communities.

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This informational resource book draws from the words of the survivor testimony featured in our film, to explain what domestic abuse is, why it's so hard for victims to leave and how you can help those who are affected.

If you'd be interested to purchase the license to the Make Do ad Mend film, please contact info@jwdb.co.uk.


The book enabled me to have an informal way of raising the tetchy subject.


A set of 4 informational posters to support awareness-raising:

  • It had nothing to do with me
  • What is domestic abuse?
  • How can I help?
  • Why don't victims leave?

We also have an informational resource book based on our brand new soundscape - Us Too - which demystifies who domestic abuse affects using interviews with a diverse range of survivors. The book  includes stories from 6 participants who bravely shared their personal stories of domestic abuse as well as 5 educational themes:

  • Who can be affected?
  • Signs of abuse
  • What was helpful / Unhelpful?
  • Is recovery possible?
  • What makes a healthy relationship?

Within the book we also signpost to specialist support services. The book includes beautiful illustrations from artist Lizzie Lovejoy which emotively illustrate the key insights we have found.

If you'd be interested to purchase the license to the Us Too soundscape please contact info@jwdb.co.uk.

Lizzie's illustrations are available as a set of 7 postcards as a helpful reminder of the messages our participants have shared.

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Sexting Risks

A very detailed pack which outlines every session succinctly with resources, facts and extra resources / facts / knowledge. I like that it gives advice on how to answer things.

The purpose of our educational resource What Would You Do? is to provide engaging arts and discussion-based teaching strategies and confidence to support young people’s learning about sexting risks, healthy relationships and a range of related topics, from sexism to self-esteem, trust and advice.

We have delivered this training to a range of schools across the North East, multiple cohorts of PGCE students at Newcastle University as well as to Girlguiding leaders.

86% of teachers felt we’d given them new strategies to use in their classroom practice.

Teachers and other education providers can purchase our resource pack and linked DVD in isolation. We can also provide a range of practical and active training options, from a 1-hour taster session to a ¾-day overview of the key learning addressed within our pack.

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