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We have created a practical and active training session and educational resource based on our film, What Would You Do? Our training session uses relevant-to-classroom practices, to give teachers and other educational providers resources, teaching strategies and confidence to support students’ learning about sexting risks, healthy relationships and sex education.

The practical workshop session explores:

  • The risks and consequences associated with sending intimate personal images;
  • The laws surrounding sex and sexting;
  • Who to go to for advice if you find yourself in difficulties relating to personal relationships;
  • Trust and what makes a good friend;
  • Sexism and the double standards applied to girls’ and boys’ sexual behaviour;
  • Self-esteem and what can impact self-confidence.

By the end of our training session you will:

  • Be familiar with our film (What Would You Do?), the RSE Sexting resource pack, and the key take-home messages;
  • Understand and have tried out a range of teaching strategies and activities for delivering RSE content introduced in our resource pack, including discussion methodology Philosophy 4 Children;
  • Reflect throughout and identify problems that may surface along the way;
  • Create a plan of how to use our pack in your context; i.e. whether you have 10 minutes available in tutor time, plan an assembly, or can devote a series of lessons to it in your own existing RSE programme.

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