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Gives students a great understanding of the consequences of their actions on themselves and others.

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Sexting Risks and RSE

What Would You Do? is an original film produced together with a professional filmmaker and young people at Ferryhill Business and Enterprise College. The film depicts a scenario in a realistic and relatable way that reflects how today’s young people see such experiences unravelling.

The project aimed to explore ways of addressing concerns held by the school senior leadership team about risk-taking behaviour amongst the student population. A student Steering Group was selected who highlighted the issues related to sex and relationships that most concerned them. It was clear that the students felt that many of these issues were not currently being addressed within the delivery of the curriculum. From these early discussions, a residential was planned, in which the young people were given the opportunity to explore issues ranging from sexism to sexting, sexual consent, sexual exploitation, homophobia and healthy relationships. Their engagement and learning was supported by the involvement of Barnardo’s, Relate North East, the Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre for Durham and Darlington, DISC, Wear Valley Women’s Aid and Durham Police in addition to Changing Relations’ Managing Director Lisa Davis.

With local artists – including film-maker Rupert Ludlow, animator Sheryl Jenkins and performance poet Chris Robinson – also present, the young people further selected the topic that resonated most with them - sexting - and began the work of creating plot and characters for a film that would be used to stimulate discussion around this topic with their peers at school. In addition to making the film, the young people also planned and co-facilitated an off-timetable Big Learning Day for their peers, meeting each week for several months to pull all of the strands of the project together. This extra-curricular day placed the student-created film centre-stage and included a number of activities that you will find within this pack.