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It’s only by hearing other people talk about it that people find the strength to recognise that what they’re going through is abuse.

Community participant, Us Too soundscape

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As a social enterprise, it’s really important for us to support local communities and the unheard members of society. Our innovative arts-based methods and resources achieve this in a number of ways. We challenge thinking, create a lasting impact and change lives as a result.

If you run a community group or centre, we can help you raise awareness of a difficult issue, such as encouraging neighbours to recognise and respond to domestic abuse survivors rather than turning a blind eye.

Contact Us if you’d like to arrange a bespoke workshop or head over to our Shop to browse our impactful resources.

Sometimes it’s possible for us to cover the cost of programme delivery through funding we can apply for as a social enterprise. Contact Us if you are interested.

If you are a larger VCSE organisation looking to increase community engagement in a new or existing programme, our participatory arts-based approach can help you make the impact you’re looking for. Have a look at Our Work to get a sense of the way we use the arts to address sensitive subjects and gain an understanding of how we work. Contact Us if you’d like to set up a conversation about how we can help.

If you’re a cultural sector organisation looking to address topical issues and reach new audiences, we are always open to collaboration. We’ve worked with a range of museums, galleries and non-traditional art spaces, using our multidisciplinary approach to the arts to create an accessible way to approach difficult and overlooked issues. We have a track record of gaining Arts Council funding to support our innovative work, so do Contact us if you’d like to discuss a proposal idea.

If you would like to understand more about the participatory art-making approach behind all of our work, head to Our Work where you can also read our Artistic Policy.