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Changing Relations, Bishop Auckland. Photograph: Stuart Boulton/Changing Relations.

Alice Fuller (she/her)

Alice brings 10 years experience working in business development in the Arts & Culture sector, supporting the growth of creative organisations through audience development, logistics, lead generation, communications and marketing. She has worked with international agencies, festivals, theatre companies and arts venues.

"I believe the work of Changing Relations to be so valuable and relatable for all organisations. I love working with them to build an awareness of issues that will help to create a more sustainable future."

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Allie Young - photo

Allie Young (she/her)

Allie has a background in arts and event management, community engagement, and education. She has worked with various arts organisations in North East England and Scotland, alongside her role as Associate Lecturer at Newcastle University, researching gender relations and creative uses of space.  

“The need for greater gender equality remains as urgent as ever, and arts and creativity are an incredible and effective way to work for change. As a vital organisation that brings these two passions of mine together I’m really excited to contribute to the work of Changing Relations.” 

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Angela Rose (she/her)

Angela has worked predominantly in secondary education as an Advanced Skills Teacher of Drama, a Lead Practitioner for Teaching and Learning and as Subject Lead for PSHE. As a passionate advocate for arts in education, she has collaborated on projects with the BBC, Youth Sports Trust and as a consultant for Culture Bridge North East.

“I’m thrilled to join Changing Relations CIC as a facilitator - exploring pertinent issues through arts-based learning is at the heart of what I do. I always strive to make my workshops as creative, engaging and participatory as possible.”

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Ann V Winter

Ann Winter (she/her)

Ann Winter is a teacher and freelance writer-practitioner, delivering storytelling workshops and co-creating personal history archives, exhibitions and installations with local community groups.  Ann has an MA in Creative Writing and an MRes in experimental fiction.  Her own fiction has been published by Comma Press.

“I am proud to be working with Changing Relations because our artworks and workshops have real impact.  They touch a nerve.  They make us stop and rethink our assumptions and give us the power to change. Our open, arts-based workshops create a safe space for participants to explore their own reactions and give us all an opportunity to develop our thinking around emotional issues which shape our lives but which we often can’t articulate or easily confront.”

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Beth Watt (she/her)

Bethis a writer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She has worked in marketing for Mslexia Magazine and Lawrence & Wishart Publishers, and is currently making a living as a freelance journalist and copywriter. 

“I’m delighted to work with Changing Relations - as a survivor of domestic violence, being able to put my experiences alongside Changing Relations’ fantastic material and help members of the community challenge their preconceptions, better understand abuse, and learn where to get help or support others in doing so, is very healing."

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bridie jackson

Bridie Jackson (she/her)

Bridie is a musician and experienced facilitator, having worked for many organisations including Jack Drum Arts and New Writing North. Whether leading a mixed ability choir of 70+ singers, facilitating creative workshops or teaching song writing in a school setting, she aims to bring an ethos of inclusivity, joy and collaboration to her work. 

“I passionately believe in the power art has to create spaces for developing understanding and to sensitively grapple with challenging topics and I believe Changing Relations are pioneers in this space.” 

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About - who- jayne-04

Jayne Johnson (she/her)

Jayne is a Professional Visual Artist who has developed her practice since leaving University in 2006. With over 10 years’ experience teaching many artforms in school education and the Adult Community Sector, Jayne is now a Director of a Community Arts Organisation, specialising in traditional textile skills. Crafts are a wonderful way to help support wellbeing, raise confidence, and re-engage people into their community. 

“Working in the community, I encounter people who are affected by the barriers and issues that Changing Relations CIC are challenging. I am inspired by the innovative ways Changing Relations works with artists and creates such powerful engaging content that I am passionate and proud to deliver. I believe the work that I do for Changing Relations enriches me as a person but also the services and support I can provide” 

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Megan Watson (she/her)

Megan Watson is a visual artist and graphic designer with a background in fine art and critical and speculative design. Inspired by cyberculture theories, such as posthumanism and glitch feminism, she creates sci-fi worlds that reflect the otherworldly parts of life on earth. In her artistic practice, Megan combines traditional mediums such as painting with virtual reality and animation.

As a graphic designer, Megan is inspired by collaborating on projects that advocate for a more sustainable and equal future.

"Working with Changing Relations as an associate artist is an amazing privilege; the opportunity to create educational and impactful resources for audiences across the UK is something I'm very proud of."

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About - who - Michelle-04

Michelle Harland

Michelle is founder director, manager and artist at Creative Youth Opportunities CIC. She co-directs CreativePop CIC and works as a freelance community artist. She is also an academic tutor at the University of Sunderland, working in the faculty of education and society.

Michelle is a qualified and experienced teacher, youth and community worker and artist with a proven track record in the fields of youth work, community development, community arts, events management, training and children and young people's participation, who has worked for local authorities, charities and in the voluntary sector.

Children's rights, young people's voice and highlighting social issues using creativity has been contrail to her work for many years.

“I have been working with Changing Relations since 2018. I love working with the material they produce and how their artistic output really engages people in important conversations. It has been a pleasure so far and I look forward to what comes in the future.”

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sarah stamp

Sarah Stamp (she/her)

Sarah is a visual artist working in museums, galleries and on creative projects, exploring ideas, encouraging people to be creative, working in partnership with others and planning and organising projects. As an artist she works with a range of materials and methods, including sculpture, collage, print, textiles and creative writing, often working on socially engaged projects.  

“I'm delighted to be working with Changing Relations as I'm passionate about gender equality and I feel they work to address issues if gender equality both directly and indirectly through wider work they do around domestic violence and relationship issues. I'm also really excited about using creativity to explore these issues.” 

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Sheryl photo

Sheryl Jenkins (she/her)

Sheryl is a freelance animator combining traditional animation techniques, including drawn, cut-out, and stop motion animation, with digital technology whose practice includes arts independent animated work, development of educational resources, community projects, commercial film work, and moving image content for theatre and television.  

“Collaborating with Changing Relations has given me the opportunity to explore how animation can be used to address issues around gender and relationships in a way that is easy for people of all ages to engage with. Using animation to interpret sensitive subjects and personal stories can be a delicate balance to ensure the visuals don’t overshadow or trivialise. It is great to be involved with such knowledgeable and creative teams who see the importance in addressing subjects which are often overlooked.” 

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moving art management - Rachel and Hannah

Moving Art Management 

Moving Art Management is a female led producing company whose mission is to collaborate, create and champion cultural activities in the North East UK and beyond. Directed by Rachel Jean Birch and Hannah Moreno alongside a team of freelance specialists, we are a dynamic team who are committed to connecting the sector and audiences with inspiring live and digital art. 

Moving Art Management are delighted to be part of the Producing Pool, saying:

“We hugely respect the importance of artist-leaders tackling taboo subjects in new ways and are excited to continue supporting this in projects making a genuine space for connection, communication and positive change”.