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Us Too is a digital soundscape that weaves together classical, electronic and experimental music, with interviews from a diverse range of domestic abuse survivors who have shared their personal stories.

Produced in collaboration with artist Rupert Philbrick and Doctoral Researcher Ros Walling-Wefelmeyer, this powerful 30-minute soundscape elevates the voices of survivors whose bravery and strength raises awareness of domestic abuse affecting people across all walks of life.

The installation has begun life alongside The Power and The Virtue: Guido Reni’s Death of Lucretia, The Bowes Museum’s Autumn 2019 exhibition, dedicated to the Italian Baroque master, Guido Reni, & his female heroines & saints, which features outstanding work from prestigious public & private collections. Our Us Too soundscape is of particular relevance to Reni’s Death of Lucretia, since this important painting highlights the impact of sexual abuse, which is frequently a component of domestic abuse.

We created Us Too to demystify societal ideas about who can be affected by domestic abuse; who can be a victim-survivor and who can be a perpetrator. Our hope is that self and peer-identification become more likely as a result of our work, meaning that, in turn, people are more likely to gain the help they need to move on with their lives.

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