SOMETIMES IT HURTS is a new book and animation with a powerful fictional narrative co-created by Changing Relations and young people, some of whom have experienced domestic abuse.

The content is accompanied by a short, animated film version. To find out more about the project or enquire about accessing the animation get in touch [email protected]

We are confident that Sometimes It Hurts will encourage young people to recognise the many forms of hurt that domestic abuse causes. As we have learned, sometimes hearing another’s story is all the validation that’s needed to begin to acknowledge our own experiences. This awareness will certainly spark conversations that help young people connect the dots, see the patterns, and get the help they need and deserve.

Luke and Ryan Hart, CoCoAwareness

£1 from each sale will go directly to supporting young people experiencing domestic abuse in our local area as we will donate it to Wear Valley Women’s Aid refuge.

Price : £6.99

plus £1.50 postage

For orders of 10 or more, please get in touch : [email protected]