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Prior to the training if you'd come to me and said there was domestic violence happening, I wouldn't have known what to do. It was the training that had the biggest impact - I've been more proactive and more aware of the what's going on.

HR Lead, Believe Housing

Line Long

This topic is particularly pertinent at the moment, as research shows there has been a significant increase in domestic abuse-related offences during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Close to 1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men in the UK are likely to be affected by domestic abuse. Of those affected, 58% miss at least 3 days work a month due to abuse. Your staff will be no exception. How many does this mean will be affected?

Employers and people managers have a duty of care to their staff. Finance sometimes leads to training being put on the nice but not essential pile. However, employers are already bearing the costs of domestic abuse. Affected staff are likely to:

  • Be late for, or absent from, work;
  • Find their productivity suffering;
  • Leave the company altogether.

An estimated £1.9 billion in economic output is lost annually in England and Wales via domestic abuse.

We want to empower professionals and organisations to make positive change that will enable staff to identify, empathise with and support colleagues, clients, friends or family who may be affected by domestic abuse.

Over 90% of health and housing professionals who trialled our training reported a new understanding of domestic abuse and would recommend it to others.

Working with a social enterprise will also support your bid to attain a Better Health at Work Award or Workplace Health and Wellbeing Award and contribute towards your corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Why Changing Relations?

At Changing Relations we use creativity as a tool to facilitate active engagement in understanding thorny issues at both an intellectual and emotional level. Using our unique artistic content (powerful film Make Do and Mend and soundscape Us Too,) as a stimulus opens a non-anecdotal space for conversation. Together with creative and interactive training methods, this training creates a safe and accessible way for people to discuss and explore this sensitive and overlooked issue.

This training will help you develop a more open, supportive company culture, with better people managers, leading happy, healthy and productive teams.

Demystifying Domestic Abuse: Workplace Learning Programme

Bronze Award: Awareness-Raising

Exhibition & Taster: A range of thought-provoking and powerful artworks to display in a public-facing or staff area. Lasting for two weeks, this exhibition will raise awareness and help develop an understanding around domestic abuse. A 1-hour Taster Session will conclude the two-week exhibition, offering a flavour of our work, answering questions and signposting to further support.

Silver Award: Training


  • Understand the breadth of domestic abuse and recognise the diversity of people who can be affected by, or perpetrate, abuse;
  • Identify the signs that a colleague or client is affected;
  • Learn how to empathise with, and support, victims and be aware of specialist support services;
  • Support your bid to attain a Better Health At Work Award / Workplace Health and Wellbeing Award;
  • Contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility by working with a social enterprise.

Live Delivery

Our face-to-face Domestic Abuse Awareness Training is delivered to a maximum of 20 participants, of whom we recommend are your health & well-being champions, or people managers. 

  • 10-20 Champions
  • In-person experience
  • 1 day of training (6.5 hours)
  • Take home resources
  • Feedback survey (tied to future audit)
  • Support package


Our eLearning complements the face-to-face training by running alongside it in a supportive role. Any champions or people managers who have participated in the face-to-face training can utilise the eLearning (along with their resources provided in training) to refer to. In addition, the eLearning can be rolled out to the wider workforce as essential entry level awareness-raising. 

  • Can cover all employees
  • To be used on your own virtual learning platform
  • 4 x 1-hour modules to be completed in your own time
  • Feedback survey (linked to future audit)
  • Personal Learning Journal for each participant
  • Support package

Gold Award: Train-the-Trainer

Our Demystifying Domestic Abuse Train-the-Trainer offer is built around our Silver Award training, to give those who are going to be tasked with onward internal delivery in your company, an experience of our content and approach in a safe, practice setting.


  • Equip your people managers to support colleagues along the journey of changing your workplace culture;
  • Explore how to implement your learning within your workplace;
  • The rights to use our training plan and creative assets in your own internal delivery;
  • Annual recap for your trainers to ensure they are continually supported and updated;
  • Annual audit of surveys to measure impact and change in the workplace and community.

Live Delivery

  • 6-10 participants
  • In-person delivery
  • 2 days training (6.5 hours per day)
  • Full pack of resources for delivery
  • Feedback survey (tied to future audit)

Annual Audit

  • Recap for participants
  • Updates for resource packs
  • 1-day training audit (5 hours)
  • Impact measurement presentation and take-home analysis booklet

Platinum Award: Consultancy

Suitable for HR lead, policy-makers and top level management. Available as a live or remote option. Up to 2 days. Delivered by a Changing Relations Associate with the specialist skillset you need to demystify domestic abuse within your workplace, eg. policy development, active listening, internal communications.

All pricing is available on request.

Please get in touch with [email protected] for an outline of our training and to discuss your company's needs with us.

Our programme is completely flexible to the needs of your organisation and can be completed in any order. Please let us know how we can help you and we will create a bespoke programme of support.

Head over to our shop to see the resources on offer; including books, posters, postcards and the opportunity to buy the license to show the Make Do and Mend film or Us Too soundscape in your own venue.

Watch the trailer for the Make Do and Mend film here: https://vimeo.com/302863845/06c153d4df

Read more about our projects that this training was developed from.