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Prior to the training if you'd come to me and said there was domestic violence happening, I wouldn't have known what to do. It was the training that had the biggest impact - I've been more proactive and more aware of the what's going on.

HR Lead, Believe Housing

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1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men in the UK are likely to be affected by domestic abuse. Your staff will be no exception. How many does this mean will be affected?

Employers and people managers have a duty of care to their staff. Finance sometimes leads to training being put on the nice but not essential pile. However, employers are already bearing the costs of domestic abuse. Affected staff are likely to:

  • Be late for, or absent from, work;
  • Find their productivity suffering;
  • Leave the company altogether.

An estimated £1.9 billion in economic output is lost annually in England and Wales via domestic abuse.

The purpose of the training and resources that Changing Relations can provide on this subject is to help communities, workplaces, and service providers recognise and understand domestic abuse and respond effectively to those affected. Using our powerful film Make Do and Mend and soundscape Us Too, together with creative and interactive training methods, we create empathy that is more likely to result in an improved response to victims, and in turn encourage victim survivors to seek support and take steps towards recovery.

Over 90% of health and housing professionals who trialled our training reported a new understanding of domestic abuse and would recommend it to others.

Benefits of our approach

Our Domestic Abuse Awareness Training will empower your people managers to:

  • Understand the breadth of domestic abuse;
  • Acknowledge coercive control – made a criminal offence in 2015 – as the underlying mechanism;
  • Recognise the diversity of people who can be affected by domestic abuse;
  • Recognise the signs that a colleague or client is affected;
  • Empathise with the reasons victims don’t leave;
  • Respond helpfully to those affected;
  • Understand how to support victims;
  • Be aware of specialist support services;
  • Think about how you can implement your learning within your workplace.

Our training will help you develop a more open, supportive company culture, with better people managers, leading happy, healthy and productive teams.

It will also support your bid to attain a Better Health at Work Award or Workplace Health and Wellbeing Award.

Contact us to find out more about how our training and resources can benefit your organisation, employees and service users.

Head over to our shop to see the resources on offer; including books, posters, postcards and the opportunity to buy the license to show the Make Do and Mend film or Us Too soundscape in your own venue.

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