Last week we shared the news of our 2 fab new Board members. This week we are celebrating our new Steering Group members. We also want to take a moment to explain why we have a Steering Group and a Board of Directors.

Our majority Non-Executive Board shape the strategic direction of our social enterprise in line with our vision, mission and values. The Directors have legal responsibility for the company. This means checking that Managing Director Lisa and Artistic Director Polly are implementing our mission in their day-to-day company activity.

The Steering Group is all about keeping the Board in touch with local community needs and concerns. This is because it’s really important to us that the work we develop feels valuable to our community. It includes people who feel strongly about the issues we tackle and represents a diverse voice, including young people.

Our Steering Group is co-chaired by Billie Jenkins (whose work for PNE involves empowering people to overcome barriers to employment) and Dr Stephen Burrell (whose research focuses on the prevention of gender-based violence).

We were so pleased that public health data analyst Helen Leake, criminology lecturer Dr Kelly Stockdale and HR consultant Jo Cameron stuck with us to form our new Steering Group.

And we’re absolutely delighted that they have been joined by 5 brand new Steering Group members. We welcome: Angela Thomas, Hope Simpson, Jo Chandler, Lucie Hall and Luke Allan Holmes.






Take a look at the Governance section of our website if you’d like to find out more about any of our super new Steering Group members!